Find A Room

Each person responds differently to colors and environments, at tree of life we know you will get the most from being as comfortable as you can.  If you should want, you may try each room and decide upon your favorite.

The sound in the room is also up to you, you may choose to have a music of a genre that you find calming, nature sounds, or even silence, it’s entirely up to you.  We want you to be as relaxed and unstressed as possible.

Therapy Rooms

Choose the room that fits you

Peaceful Room

Imagine you are in nature and the wind is blowing gently and the tree leaves are swaying slowly and calmly.

Tranquil Room

Envision feeling calm and relaxed like waves crashing gently on shore.

Energy Room

Visualize feeling warmth like sitting in front of a fire place nice, cozy and relaxed.

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